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Spanish egg omelette with roasted peppers, chorizo, potato and spinach
Potato and egg frittata topped with crispy prosciutto, fresh salsa and avocado
Tomato baked eggs grilled Cypriot haloumi (VEG) (GF)
Classic French toast with caramalised apples (VEG)
An array of fresh local fruits and handmade croissants (VEG)
Raspberry and vanilla buckwheat pancakes with syrup and cream (VEG) (GF)

Price p/head $40


Bangalow pork ham and smoked cheddar toasted croissants
Potato, onion and cheese pancakes with crispy local Bangalow Pork bacon
Breakfast pizzas topped with Portobello mushrooms, tomato, onion, ham, Byron Bay mozzarella and fried egg (VEG)
Potato and egg frittata with fresh tomato salsa, coriander and avocado (VEG)

Price p/head $25

Perfect breakfast menu for a weekend stay in Byron Bay!
Impress you guests with these colorful and fresh local source ingredients menu.
All sauces and elaborations are handmade by our head chef. We will cook food as fresh as we can. Menu cooked on site by our head chef Tania Tanti.
Price includes buffet hardware, cutlery and crockery, chef and sous chef.
Minimum to cater for 15 guests.
Sunday and public holidays 20% surcharge.

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